Sunday, 28 June 2015

Who am I? Who me????

I'm sure you're all just dying to know the juicy gossip.....Ooooh the suspense.........
But the real question is, do you want to get to know the REAL me, or do you want to believe the journalists version??? Well.......
Lets be frank, most of you have never met me, but, you have formed an unrealistic opinion of me based on what has been portrayed in tabloid newspapers over a course of 7 & a half years, is that fair? Or is it a misrepresentation of a decent girl raised by a decent & loving family?!
I'll leave you to decide.....
Lets put it this way, the journalists that have written all associated stories have never met me, they are complete strangers & the 'information' they have accumulated for their 'Exclusives', has been given to them, more often than not, by complete strangers..."the Bin-man said"....oh really??? Must be 100% true then! (Que Monkey covering face Emoji)
Let's get to know me a bit better then, what do you think??
I love a bit of friendly banter, infact, my last relationship began because he fell in love with me for my banter...Mmmm look how that ended up, maybe my banter isn't all that great after all, lets discuss something else instead...
I am a beauty addict, I have been since I've been a child, my love for makeup began when I was 3 years old & I began performing in Dance shows at the Cooper Institute on Clarkson Road every year until I was 17, I was actually a really good dancer (Que Diva big-headed emoji) I'm being thrown off track here...anyway...the makeup & beauty fascination began at a very early age & so my sister bought me a Mary Qaunt Makeup Masterclass book that then became my bible & the beginning of the obsession!!!! She wanted me to learn how to perfect my makeup look (rather than resembling 1 of those p*ss taking photos that does the rounds on twitter & Facebook of Lauren friend Andrea has a love for those, she used to send me them on a regular basis & we used to sit & p*ss ourselves like a pair of deranged hyenas)
Well..I'm the girl that friends come to & ask all the questions about beauty treatments & where to go for this, where to go for that (my friends are currently reading this saying "Eh, do we, when?!")...I'm quite knowledgeable you know (& big-headed, did I mention that already?!)
Now, as you'll have probably noted, I have quite a sarcastic sense of humour & I'm not scared to take the p*ss out myself...why the f*ck not eh, the previous relationship (I think that's what we'll name him from now on in) & the press, take the p*ss out me on a regular basis so why can't I jump on the bandwagon too?!
So, as you all may no, I was going to be a Bride (look how that f*@king turned out) had to seriously UP THE ANTI where pampering & beauty treatments were concerned & my god did I learn a trick or to along the way (call me Trixi, it's my striper name, just joking!) so its safe to say I'm qualified (self taught) & my posts are going to be about my knowledge of treatments 'High End, 'Moderate' & 'On A Budget' to cater for all monetary needs & I'll throw in some juicy gossip along the way, a little bit about myself here & there (just to sway you from the caricature portrayed in the press) & maybe even a little interior design project I'm working on or whatever tickles my balls...
**Please Note** I am not a stranger to profanities, I swear freely & openly so read at your own risk!

Love ya's.....

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  1. Like a girl who can take the piss out of herself ... Why the hell not. Can't laugh at yourself then who can you laugh at. Very witty.

    Your bridal journey was just fates way of preparing you and giving you a dress rehearsal for when you actually met a real prince.

    As my granny used to say it will all turn out ok in the end, if it's not ok it's not the end yet !!!

    Some people come into our life as a blessing some people come into our life as a lesson.


    1. Wise words.....& greatly appreciated, thank you x